This is another hint that stands out as obvious, but face it–if you’re going to write that book, it’s gotta be done. If you’re anything like most writers, one of the hardest parts of the process is getting yourself to sit down at that desk. I liken it to going to work. No matter what your trade, it’s the anticipation of work that’s often harder than just getting there and doing it. In other words, once you’re at work, there’s little else to do but your job. But putting your butt in your chair to write can be quite avoidable, especially if it’s voluntary. I, for one, would rather clean the toilet with a toothbrush than park myself in front of my computer.

If you are lucky enough to have the freedom to write first thing in the morning, I suggest drinking that cup of coffee and heading directly to your desk before you do another thing. Otherwise you’re bound to get distracted by such demanding chores as rearranging your closet by color or starting your search for holiday gifts online in July. Stop right where you are and head for your workspace. NOW.

The same principal applies if you write later in the day because of mundane commitments such as a ‘real job’. If you’ve decided that your writing time is after dinner, then push away from the table and have at it. If you turn on that TV, you’re lost and your goal of finishing that book is one day farther away. 

Fifty two weeks of writers’ tips from Catherine O’Connell