Tip #3 Become an expert at something

Sometimes it’s really hard to get off that dime and start writing that book. Maybe you’re frozen in part that’s because you don’t think you have anything interesting to write about. You don’t think you have any great tale to engage a reader. OK, so maybe you do have a dull life, but that shouldn’t preclude you from writing the most interesting book ever.

Become an expert at something and incorporate it into your story. When you’re the expert, you can write with authority. It can be something you already know about or something you’re going to have to research. Music, ancient history, bridge, poker, quilting, wine, World War II, shark behavior, Shakespeare, mythology, Wyoming, the French revolution, the 50s. The list is endless and only limited by your imagination and inspiration.

People read books for a variety of reasons including escape and pleasure. But we also read to expand our horizons and gain a new perspective. When you’re able to share new insights with either followers of your subject or the uninitiated, they’ll run out to buy your book. 

Fifty two weeks of writers’ tips from Catherine O’Connell